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Heloise: Removing baby-formula stains - Houston Chronicle

I am wondering if you know of a baby-formula stain remover. My kids are 24 and 27, and back then I did have a copy. I think it was two to three substances.

I am wondering if you know of a baby-formula stain remover. My kids are 24 and 27, and back then I did have a copy. I think it was two to three substances.

Heloise: Removing baby-formula stains

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  • HELOISE, King Features Syndicate

    Below I've gathered several tips from readers, as well as a video from the web, which share spit up and baby formula stain removal instructions and tricks.

    The key with these stains is to treat them as quickly as possible, whenever you can, because they can set quickly and also, especially in the heat, can smell sour and nasty quite soon.

    The longer they dry onto the clothing, the more difficult they are to remove. Therefore, below you'll find some tips for neutralizing the spit up, which contains some stomach acid generally, to keep it from causing as much damage to the clothing before it can get washed away.

    Further, some people differentiate between washing these stains from the baby's clothes versus adult clothes.

    I personally don't think there is much of a difference, and have always treated my clothing and those of my kids in the same manner, but if you want to use for their clothing you can.

    There are always lots of ways to remove spit up and formula, so I don't claim I've gathered all the possible ways to do it. Therefore, if you've got another way that works for you I'd love it if you .

    Further, the tips below focus on removing formula and spit up stains from clothing and other washable fabrics, such as bibs and burp cloths, but as you may know babies don't just spit up onto washable stuff. Instead, they also make a mess on upholstery and carpet. If you're searching for information for these surfaces make sure to check my .

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