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Gain Ultra Dishwashing Liquid, Original Scent - 24 Fl. Oz.


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I like a thick dishwashing soap, and Gain dish detergent did not disappoint me. It was not runny at all, but my husband complained that the dispenser hole at the top of the bottle was a bit big, which meant too much came out too quickly. Since I bought the mini bottle I don't know if that is just a problem with this little bottle or would also be a problem with the larger version as well.

I used to see Gain dish detergent at the dollar stores, where you could buy a big bottle for a dollar, but I'm now starting to see it less at such stores and more in regular stores, and the prices are creeping up as you would expect a name brand to do. Soon I'm afraid it will get as expensive as Dawn (both of which are made by Procter & Gamble).

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comparison between Dawn and Gain
by: Marilyn

I have used Dawn and Gain dishwashing detergents, and I see no difference in them! They look so similar, that I looked to see who makes them, and discovered that Proctor & Gamble makes both of them! I figure that they come from the same formula with different fragrances added. As of right now Gain is slightly cheaper in price than Dawn. Both work well, cut grease, and leave dishes clean.

Gain Ultra Dish Soap, Lemon Zest, 24 Fl Oz

I've been seeing Gain dish detergent on the shelves for months now at the store, and finally broke down and bought some to try when I saw a cute little mini bottle for sale cheap.