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Zeiss Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipes 200 Ct


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With its unique ClearDry™ formula, the Invisible Glass Cleaner Wipes promise no streaks, no haze and no residue on all of your glass surfaces - perfect for indoor and outdoor windows, mirrors, shower screens and glass oven doors. The Invisible Glass Cleaner Wipes are completely free of soap, foam, scents or dyes, and evaporates quickly to leave a completely clear glass surface, ideal great for removing fingerprints, smears, bugs, sap and tough dirt.

These Invisible Glass Cleaner Wipes are the ideal way to clean your glass surfaces on the go. Staying moist in their container, they’re perfect for jobs in the bathroom and kitchen and larger in size than most other brands for extra cleaning power. You can use the Invisible Glass Cleaner Wipes in the car to give you perfect visibility through the windshield and mirrors.

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    In addition to eyeglass cleaner wipes that are convenient and pre-moistened, we carry lens spray and cleaning cloths for eyeglasses. You'll also find other eyeglass accessories, which include , nose pads and handy eyeglass repair kits that can be used to replace a screw. There is even a lens scratch repair kit to fill in and seal scratches, so you can see clearly.