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Green Works Multi-Surface Cleaner, Spray Bottle, Original Fresh, 32 Ounces (Pack of 3)(Packaging May Vary)


Marlene has shared her Clorox Green Works all purpose cleaner review.

Clorox has joined those companies offering greener alternatives, and one of the household cleaning products they offer is Clorox Green Works Natural All Purpose Cleaner**.** Now it is no...

When it comes to environmentally friendly cleaning products, some are better than others but until you try them out in your home you really won't know if they are going to be something that is going to work with your specific cleaning needs. I cook a lot so I need something that I can use on the stovetop that is going to cut through grease, not leave streaks and isn't flammable. That rules out a lot of the aerosol products that I used in the past because I had to unplug the starter element that lights the flame before I would spray it down to clean it.

I bought the Green Works Natural All Purpose Cleaner to use in the kitchen on the stove as well as the coffee maker that shares the same counter space as the stove. I can't stand the sight of grease splattered all over the side of a coffee maker and there aren't a lot of environmentally friendly cleaners that can get splattered grease off of plastic. I was surprised that this worked as well as it did on the grease; I still had to wipe it a couple of times to get it all off but was pleased that there were no steaks left on the plastic.

This is something that I love using in the bathtub to clean it; unlike the powdered cleaners and cleansers this doesn't leave a gritty residue behind when I rinse the bathtub. There's no heavy chemical scent to it either so it doesn't make me cough or choke when I am using it. The spray trigger could be a little stronger but that's about the only negative to the product. This can be used on most surfaces but I am hesitant about using it in the areas where my pets sleep or eat. I still prefer to use a regular glass cleaner for windows and mirrors; when I tried this on those two I didn't care for the results.

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Clorox Green Works Natural All Purpose Cleaner

There’s a nice deal on Green Works All Purpose Cleaner at Target. It’s on price cut through February 21st for $2.55. After a coupon and an Ibotta rebate, you’ll only pay Clorox Green Works is a great choice for a natural all purpose cleaner. I am impressed with how well it tackles my everyday chores.

It is great against grease in the kitchen, streaks and fingerprints on my appliances, and whatever it is on the ! I also use it on my counters, , and .

The best part is knowing that I don't have to trade my family's health for a clean home.

There are no harsh chemicals to trigger my daughter's eczema, and no harsh smells to trigger my husband's allergies.

If I had one complaint about this product it would be the color. While it is cute and recognizable to have a green colored product, I feel that the formula could become even more "green" by getting rid of the colorants.

Even with that complaint though Green Works is the only all purpose cleaner that I use.

Thanks Marlene for sharing your review of Clorox Green Works Natural All Purpose Cleaner.

I agree with you, that typically colorants are not as "green" as dye free products, and the presence or absence of them is one of the .

That being said, overall people have had good opinions of the Green Works products that I've received reviews for so far. I would love to hear even more reviews of these products though, telling me what you think of them (good or bad).

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