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Griot's Garage 11108 Window Cleaner - 35 oz.


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Griots Garage Glass Cleaning Clay is denser that traditional paint clay formulas making it ideal for use on auto glass, which is much harder than the other surfaces on your car. It’s perfect for preparing glass for polishing, since it removes all of the stubborn embedded contaminants that could scratch the glass during the polishing process. When used with the proper lubricant, like Griot’s Garage Speed Shine, it’s completely safe—you can even use it on shower doors, chrome, ceramic tile, synthetic stone, quartz, and virtually any other smooth hard surfaces!

You’ve probably tried detailing clay on your paint by now. After all, it’s a really safe way to remove those otherwise hard-to-get embedded contaminants. Imagine those results, except on glass! That’s what you’ll achieve with Griots Garage Glass Cleaning Clay. This versatile clay removes water spots, grease, oil, road film, tar, bugs, and practically anything else, leaving glass as smooth as silk. Your glass will be crystal clear, and without all that grit and grime, you windshield wipers will last longer!

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Griots Garage Glass Cleaning Clay - Get sparkling, clear glass with Griot's Garage Glass Cleaning Clay! Remove glass impurities with Griot's Garage Glass Cleaning Clay.