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Bleaching Cream, anti-aging with Antioxidant

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Gt bleaching cream, anti aging and whitening

GT Bleaching Night Cream is a combination of very mild skin whitening and anti-oxidant agents enriched with vitamins A, E, and C that help prevent skin aging. Get fast results with clearer and blemish-free skin in just one week!

Whitens skin while you sleep | Slows down skin aging | Leaves skin looking fair and healthy

For day time, you must use to keep the skin moisturized after using the GT bleaching cream the previous night. In the morning wash face and body with any of our GT soap according to your preference, clean and tone face with GT Clarifiance. Then apply the GT Moisturizing cream on face, hands or legs in dots and then spread thoroughly. You may put powder or leave it as is. You may retouch within the day when needed.

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The must be applied in dots just enough to be spread on the freshly washed face. It must be used at night time only. GT Bleaching cream is a night beauty treatment. Make sure you keep your skin clean even after using the cream and avoid sweat especially on the neck to avoid itchiness.

Currently, there are three available in the market now: GT Bleaching cream, GT Moisturizing cream and GT Sunblock. Here are tips for the proper application of GT Cosmetics creams: