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I had my hair bleached about 3 months ago and I want to dye it back to a dark color but I’m not sure if it would damage it much more. Any advice ?

Hair bleaching can be a very damaging process if not done with proper care. Don’t start it off all by yourself. We will recommend you to consult an expert because hair bleaching is a technical procedure and requires the hair to be in perfect healthy state. If your hair are damaged or not in good condition, then don’t go for it otherwise it will only worsen your hair.

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  • In a plastic bowl, combine one part hair peroxide with one part powdered hair bleach, using a plastic spoon.
  • bleach blonde hair Bleach Blonde Hair As You Loved

    You can get your hair bleached from saloon or can use particular hair bleaching products to your liking. Some of the top rated hair bleaching products is:

    I waited about 15 minutes with the toner on my roots, then painted the rest of the toner from roots to ends all over my hair. Because my pink hair had bleach under it, it didn’t need as much time as the roots did to process.