Scotch Corporation Heavy Duty Liquid Drain Opener - 1L

Flo-Kem 5195 Flo-Zyme Bio-Enzyme Drain Opener/Deoderizer with Pleasant Scent, 1 Gallon Bottle, Milky White


Pequa heavy duty drain opener is at least 8percent stronger than ..

2 cups (1/4 bottle). Allow to stand in drain 1 hour (overnight is best), before flushing with hot water. *If clog is further down drain pipe, more Heavy Duty Drain Opener will be needed to reach the clog.

Heavy Duty Drain Opener is the economical treatment for all household drain clogs. Clears blocked sinks and drains. Dissolves grease and hair clogs. Strong caustic formulation. Safe for all piping. 100% Consumer Guarantee.

SCOTCH 1 Liter Heavy Duty Drain Opener

  • Heavy Duty Crystal Drain Opener
  • Pro Strength Liquid Drain Opener

PEQUA HEAVY DUTY DRAIN OPENER Non Acid, Fast acting, Non polluting.

When you run into problems with clogged pipes, it sure would be nice to have a little clout with a plumber. The bills would certainly be a little more tolerable. For an economical solution to obstructed pipes, you don't need to know a plumber. All you need is a little HEAVY DUTY LIQUID DRAIN OPENER from Share. It cuts through organic waste matter in your plumbing that most liquid drain openers can't handle. Coffee grounds, hair, grease, soap, and even cloth will break down due to the powerful acid found in HEAVY DUTY LIQUID DRAIN OPENER. Give it five minutes to act and you'll soon hear the sweet sucking sound of water slurping down the drain. Get HEAVY DUTY LIQUID DRAIN OPENER and your pipes will be free of any obstructions.


Designed for the toughest drain clogs, Instant Power Professional Heavy Duty Drain Opener uses a dual hydroxide formula to dissolve clogs and create heat that melts grease. It's safe for all pipes and septic systems, 15 times more effective than common drain openers and supported by a 100 percent money-back guarantee.