How safe is home tooth bleaching?

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Home tooth bleaching treatments can have significant negative effects on . This is especially the case with home remedy whitening products that contain fruit acids and brushing with abrasives such as baking soda.

At home: Your teeth bleaching or whitening can be performed at home. We’ll take an impression of your teeth, enabling us to make some custom fitting trays for your home bleaching. You’ll then be given a teeth bleaching kit. At night, squeeze a small quantity of bleach inside the tray and place over your teeth for 1-4 hrs before you go to sleep, after you have eaten your evening meal.

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Take-Home Bleaching Kit

Take-Home Whitening Kits serve two purposes. They are excellent for at-home teeth whitening, but they can also be used as a follow-up treatment after an in-office teeth whitening session.

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The procedure for home bleaching involves taking impressions of a patient’s teeth, which are then made into custom-made trays known as bleaching trays.

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