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Honest Liquid Laundry Detergent Product Review

David Andrews, a senior scientist with the Environmental Working Group, told the publication that in order to produce the SCS used in the Honest Company detergent, it would require some level of SLS in it. Chemicals manufacturer Stepan echoed that statement, saying that SCS does contain SLS.

3) Here is the real issue at hand: Honest Co detergent contains component A (SCS) and the “non Honest” detergent contains component B (SLS). Honest says component B does not exist in their detergent. Turns out component A is actually mixtures of B (SLS), C, D, E, and F (which are other similar compounds). So though component B is not as concentrated as the “non honest” detergent, it is still there. The WSJ is pointing this fact out that it is still contained within.

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  • I hate when people bash on companies, especially on The Honest Co.