finally I found a hypoallergenic fabric softener

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If you think both hypoallergenic fabric softener and dryer sheets are hard to find, wait until you try to find laundry stain removers without scent. It is very difficult to do.

nuSOFT Hypoallergenic Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets 2pk by NuSoft. $7.95. Get the same fresh springtime scent of liquid nuSoft in a dryer sheet. This hypoallergenic formula softens naturally with coconut and contains no dyes or colors. Make your laundry cuddly soft & clothesline fresh! Fifty sheets per box.. Save 47% Off!

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Hypoallergenic Fabric Softener

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I've got a family member that is not only an allergy sufferer, meaning we've got to use hypoallergenic fabric softener and dryer sheets in our home, but we are also on a tight budget.

Purex actually has three different liquid versions available which are all said to by hypoallergenic fabric softener since none of them contain dyes, but each of them has a fragrance. They are diffficult to find online though.