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Jolen 4 Ounce Creme Bleach Regular Lightens Excess Dark Hair (118ml)


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    For years I agonized over my dark body hair (on my chest and belly). I would pluck it endlessly. Then I found Jolen Cream bleach and it is amazing. I apply the bleach to my "mustache" and my body hair once every three weeks or so and my hair seems to disappear! The scent is not good but after removing the cream, the results are great- my hair is near invisiblely blonde- and it lasts for weeks without worry.

    If you are embarrassed-like I was- about your dark body hair or facial hair, BUY THIS!

    I would recommend testing the product on your arm before applying all over.

    I also have noticed that on the day that I use it, once I remove the cream, the skin under the hair seems to be just a smidge lighter than the skin around it that wasn't bleached but that goes away after I shower.

    Ive been using Jolen cream bleach since i was about 14 years old, i discovered it sitting in my mum's bathroom cabinet, intrigued by what it claimed to do, i was quite excited at the prospect of banishing embarrassing random hairs!
    So when i opened it i was a little put out that you had to mix the two together, wondering if it would work properly if they had not been mixed to the exact ratio but i just measured it by eye and hoped for the best and it worked a treat!
    The texture is really creamy and spreads very evenly and easily, the smell is almost non existent and in terms of burning, you only notice a slight tingle.
    9 years in counting and I've never looked back.