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Jolen 4 Ounce Creme Bleach Regular Lightens Excess Dark Hair (118ml)


Jolen Creme Bleach Kit for Hair | Walgreens

Just found this. I had a White Period in seminary. Wow. I was also about 60 lbs. lighter (a momentary weight loss brought about by diet pills prescribed by my doc -- NOT safe, by the way, although she said they were -- and seminary insanity). 1998? I dyed my hair with Jolene cream bleach. True story.

I followed the directions on the package and mixed a small amount of the Jolen Creme Bleach and accelerator powder in the provided cup. I applied the Jolene Cream Bleach with the enclosed spatula and a q-tip, but in hindsight I think working it in with an old spoolie would have been better. The instructions say to leave the creme on for 10 minutes, but remember that is to bleach and I only wanted to lighten. To be on the safe side I left the Jolen Creme Bleach on for about 2 minutes and removed to check. My brows were still pretty dark at this point, so I applied again for another 2 minutes. This time when I removed the creme I could see that my brows were a bit lighter, but not extreme which was perfect. My eyebrows are now a med-dark brown and my brow fill looks more natural.

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    Jolen Inc. of Fairfield, CT, USA, established 1955 is the first company giving world the concept of BLEACH CREME. It was founded by Mr. John (born in 1917, Chemical Engineer, graduated in 1942 and Mrs. Evelyn Kossak. The foundation of the name "jolen" has been derived from the names John and Evelyn. JOLEN came up with "Jolen Cream Bleach", a product for women, which is safe to use and can lighten excess dark hair on skin way back in 1955 thereby giving the world the concept of "Bleach Cream.' Since then, the brand JOLEN has been the undisputed leader worldwide in the category of crème bleach.

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