tesco kitchen spray with bleach tesco kitchen spray with bleach

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As a regular tesco shopper I have tried and liked a lot of there own products but when it came to cleaning products such as washing up tablets, softener and bleach I was always weary of trying cheaper brands but I bit the bullet one day and decided what's the harm in trying, if I don't like the product I simply don't buy it again. So instead of buying dearer brands of kitchen cleaner I bought the tesco kitchen spray with bleach which cost only 90p for a 500ml bottle.

The bottle is tall and thin and is mostly white with orange on the top and spray parts as well as on the label. It must be stored in a cool place and not exposed to extreme temperatures so we keep in with the rest of our cleaning products below our sink which is where a lot of people seem to keep these types of things. As with a lot of products which contain bleach it is always recommended that you try the product on a small unnoticeable area first.

To use you turn the spray nozzle to the on position and spray directly onto the surface which you are cleaning. It comes out in short sprays so I always spray quite a bit and leave it for a few minutes on tough stains. Then using either a clean cloth or paper towel wipe over the surface and most stains come out fairly easily but any tough stains do take a bit of elbow grease to get them out but I don't mind scrubbing as its a bit of a workout for your arms. After wiping away all the stains rinse immediately. Once you are finished with the product you should turn the nozzle back to the off position.

I would definitely recommend this product for everyone to try as it gets rid of kitchen stains and germs and smells ok compared to other kitchen spray bleaches.

Like a lot of people in the country at the moment we are looking at various ways of lowering our outgoings. We have started to look at the supermarket own brands as they tend to be a good bit kinder to the wallet and in some cases without having to reduce the quality of the product.

However, in the case of Tesco's kitchen spray with bleach, I'm sorry to say that this product just does not cut it.

Starting with the good points, the spray itself does give your kitchen a nice clean bleachy smell and in our kitchen the units and worktops do have a nice shine after we have wiped them down when using the spray. The bottle is a nice design which is typical of these types of spray cleaners and comes in a 500ml size. The price is very good at 90 pence per bottle (26/09/2010) but I'm afraid this is where the positiveness ends

Now for the bad, we have found when trying to clean a more stubborn marks and stains on the worktops or on our gas hob that the spray even when left to soak in for a few minutes just doesn't seem to clean the surface, many times we have had to resort to good old soap and water, which defeats the purpose of buying this spray. The spray comes out as a white froth but when spraying directly on to a stain, I feel the froth just does not soak into the dirt, it seems to wipe over the top, which really is no good to anyone.

Although the spray does come in a nice bottle, I have noticed the label and design of the bottle is almost identical to that of the premium brand "Flash", is this Tesco's attempt to fool us all into thinking their product will be just as good?

Although the 500ml Flash bottle is currently priced £1.98 (Tesco 26/09/2010), in my opinion, it is worth spending that extra money to get a product that actually does as it is supposed to.

Tesco's kitchen cleaner spray with bleach is very good at cleaning and wiping away general dirt and grime but will not stand the pace when it comes against more stubborn stains as I have found the premium brands can.

You have many good products in your own brand Tesco, but back to the drawing board with this one I think!

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As a Tesco shopper, I often dip into their own products. I have tried their bathroom spray before, which was alright, though not as powerful as Flash and left a sort of gritty feel to the bath. Their Kitchen Spray with bleach is another way to shave a few pence off the shopping budget by compromising a little on quality. It is a compromise. I have tried Flash and Domestos cleaners, both of which deliver better results. Flash in particular seems to cut through dirt with greater ease.

The Tesco Bleach is not without grace though, at less than a pound for a bottle, the spray saves you about fifty pence, so it gets a thumbs up there. The pump action spray usually works okay until it gets towards the end and then you have to strain to get the last few drops out, furiously pumping air!

The smell is obviously clinical but not so repellent that it makes you think of hospital wards. Smells seem to subside within a few minutes anyway. It works best on work surfaces with minimal grim. I find it effective as a generic wipe over spray. It is less effective on hobs or stubborn stains which have been soaking onto surfaces. The bleach will kill germs fast though, so it delivers good results for those who are health conscious.

The spray actually makes for a good general cleaning aid. I often use it to do walls, skirting boards and banisters. It leaves a streak free clean and there isn't residue when it dries. If Flash was on offer, I would buy Flash as it cuts through dirt better, but as a cheap option I probably would get this again, plus it's usually well stocked in Tesco and a bottle lasts for ages.