Vanish Powerpowder Clean and Fresh Large Area Carpet Cleaner

Resolve High Traffic Foam Large Area Carpet Cleaner, 22 Oz, (Pack of 2)


Resolve Pet Steam Large Area Carpet Cleaner, 60 fl oz

A large area carpet cleaner can clean carpets spread over vast spaces. Their strong extraction capabilities help extract water, cleaning solution, and dirt from the carpets, even the embedded dirt, ensuring that the carpet remains completely clean.

The machines may be able to heat water or use hot water piped through the inlet to clean carpets. If the carpets are carrying mold, grease, and tough stains, using hot water ensures maximum cleaning. Machines with heating element are able to achieve temperatures up to 210°F, making them one of the most handy large area professional carpet cleaners.

Concentrate Large Area Carpet Cleaner 48 fl

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    Using a large area carpet cleaner offers many advantages. These machines clean carpets easily, removing embedded, ground-in dirt as well as grease.

    Daimer® offers another type of large area professional carpet cleaners. They are for large area and they are known for their carpet cleaning abilities, besides their spinner mechanism that cleans hard floors. This versatile machine features a carpet wand, in addition to spinner and other types of wand attachments.