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Therefore, although the specific enzymes present in various enzyme laundry detergent or stain removers may differ, here are some common ones that may be in your laundry supplies:

Here's information on how enzyme laundry detergent and stain removers work to remove stains and get clothes clean, as well as how to use them properly and effectively.

Instead of damping it, sprinkle water all over the stain

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4. Meat tenderizer (unseasoned): If your laundry detergents or stain removers do not contain enzymes you will need to add some when treating protein based stains like blood, milk, and grass. You can make a paste of unseasoned meat tenderizer and water, and apply this to the stain for approximately 30 minutes to help break down the proteins within the stain, and then brush off the paste and launder. Another source for enzymatic treatments for your stains is to use the contents of digestive enzyme tablets that you can purchase at health food stores.

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