Product: E-Cleaner Low Foam Floor Cleaner (1 Gallon)

Franklin Cleaning Technology F216022 Compare General Purpose Low Foam Cleaner, 1 Gallon (Case of 4)


Low Foam Light Floor Cleaner 5 Litre

RaindanceTM/MC Low Foam Neutral Floor Cleaner is a low-foam neutral floor cleaner concentrate for effective cleaning of floors and other hard surfaces. No rinsing is required for fast, cost-effective cleaning. #gscertified #green #sustainable #ecofriendly

E-Cleaner, a highly concentrated low foam floor cleaner, is effective for all routine cleaning jobs. It is designed for use with all ECORE recycled rubber surfacing products. Use for damp mopping, scrubbing, spray and wipe cleaning, or with a hand bucket and cloth. E-Cleaner revitalizes any washable surface without damage. Additionally, E-Cleaner is Green Seal™ certified, meaning it has complied with rigorous requirements designed to reduce its environmental impacts.

Low foaming floor cleaner concentrate

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