Magic Foaming Bathroom Cleaner 19 Oz. Aerosol

Magic Shower Glass & Mirror Cleaner Trigger, 28 fl oz


Magic® 19 oz. Foaming Bathroom Cleaner

Magic Bathroom Cleaner- homemade, pet safe, no harmful chemicals! I have had hard water crud in my shower for three years, nothing else I've bought got it off- but this actually worked!

Have you noticed a spring cleaning theme? Yup, I haven’t left the bathroom yet! I’m back the bathroom today with a mighty tool to get the job done. These 13 Magic Eraser Bathroom Cleaning Hacks will have you reexamining your bathroom cleaning habits too! Come tackle some of the hardest to clean and most forgotten areas in your bathroom as we tackle bathroom spring cleaning quickly and easily! Be sure to scroll down for a Magic Eraser GIVEAWAY too!

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    All-In-One Magic Bathroom Cleaner -8 oz. Distilled White Vinegar -4 oz. Lemon Juice -2 oz. Liquid Soap (I use Dawn) -2 tsp. Baking Soda -10 oz water