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Enkay 149-C 6 pc. Polishing Compound Kit, carded


Get some Dremel Rubbing Compound and a bottel of Flitz Metal polish

1 x 750g Bar Holligreen Green Metal Polishing Compound.
More cut and less colour than Holliblue polishing compound. Particularly good on stainless steel. Often used with White Stitched and and Soft Loose Leaf Calico Mops.

1 x 750g Bar Learok Grey Metal Polishing Compound.
Steel Cutting Compound. High cutting properties. Commonly used with Dry and Impregnated Sisal Mops.

or go for the dremel polish and the metal polish

  • Pro-Max Metal Polishing Compound Kit For Steel & Stainless Steel 100g Bars
  • Pro-Max Steel & Stainless Steel Metal Polishing Compound - Black 100g.
  • Pro-Max Steel Stainless Steel Metal Polishing Compound - Green 500g.
  • Pro-Max Steel Stainless Steel Metal Polishing Compound - Green 750g.
  • Pro-Max Stainless Steel Metal Polishing Compound - White 100g.

CTI Metal Polish | Pal Automotive

Glass; Metal; Plastic Compounds To Cover All Of Your Polishing Needs! Use #1 (quality Double 7) For Aluminum, Brass, Plastic, Etc Polishing Compound Kit for Plastic – Metal cutlery, etc Plastic Buffing Compounds; Wood Buffing Compounds; Metal Polishing MOCO Compounds" are recognized as the best for finishing Metals, Plastics, Wood and Glass. of Glass Polishing Compounds the best brass powder for the industry. Used in the manufacture of glass, titanium and gold polishing, etc Polishing Compounds » Metal

Briwax Metal Polishing Compound, Surface Restorer & Fiberglass Cleaner cleans, polishes, restores and protects most metal surfaces and works wonders on fiberglass finishes and most acrylics. Not recommended for plated metals. Works to restore cLike all restoration products. You should always test the product on an inconspicuous area before applying it to the entire surface. Removes scratches, verdigris and discoloration due to oxidation. Removes corrosion from silver, brass, copper, bronze and other metal objects and restores them to a "like-new" quality.