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Blue Magic 400 7Oz Mtl Polish Cream


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Minor scratches on a glass stove tops can be removed using either baking soda or metal polish cream, but little can be done to resolve deep scratches in the glass. Both potenial methods require rubbing the cool cook top with a soft rag and the buffing solution.

Metal polish cream is readily available in the cleaning aisle at most stores. It is a slightly abrasive solution used on jewelry and other metal products. The cream is applied to the cook top with a soft cloth or a cotton ball using circular rubbing motions. The solution is then wiped away with a damp rag. This may be repeated or done using a scouring pad for deeper scratches. Excessive scrubbing is not recommended, as this will result in a dull spot in the glass around the scratch.

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Blue Magic 400 Metal Polish Cream - 7 oz

Menzerna Metal Polishing Cream - 125 gram tube - Universal Polishing Cream. Cleans and polishes all metals, precious metals, and plastic materials.

7 oz, metal Polish cream, non abrasive, for home, auto, & marine, polishes & seals brass, copper, sterling silver,
aluminum, stainless steel, gold, use for chrome & alloy wheels, factory coated, or plastic, jar.