Simichrome 390050 All Metal Polish Tube - 1.76 oz.


Brasso 8 oz. Metal Polish-76523 - The Home Depot

Phase 1: Clean, restore, revive and polish.
Phase 2: The friction generates heat, allowing the product to break down into a micro-fine polish that leaves the surface shinning like a mirror.
Phase 3: The final phase breaks down, releasing the durable protective sealant that bonds to metal surfaces to reduce corrosion and prolong shine.

Maintaining metals' best level of shine is easy with Chemical Guys Heavy Metal Polish. Chemical Guys recommends regularly bi-monthly or monthly follow ups to keep metal surfaces, wheels, bumpers, body accents, trim, and exhaust looking their best.

Chemical Guys Heavy Metal Polish:

Rolite Metal Polish is a one-step polish for all types of bare metals, chrome, fiberglass, and Plexiglas. This acid-free, environmentally friendly metal polish removes oxidation and discoloration to leave a brilliant shine.

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  • 1 4oz tube of MAAS Metal Polish
  • Nambe Metal Polish - Bed Bath & Beyond

    Chemical Guys Heavy Metal Polish is a three-step product in one: a diminishing metal polish that cuts fast, cleans like no other, shines like a mirror, and protects like a sealant. It utilizes friction and heat to restore metals.

    Rolite Metal Polish is probably best known by airplane and RV enthusiasts, who have been using Rolite for years to polish aluminum Airstream trailers and aircraft. For your vehicle, Rolite Metal Polish is excellent at cleaning and shining aluminum and chrome wheels and trim. Rolite leaves an incredible mirror bright shine that others can’t help but notice!