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While we were switching to more natural cleaners for our home we were trying to find a natural floor cleaner to mop with. We have two little girls in our home and that made us start doing some research for safer cleaning products. We have found that Method is an awesome company with safer more natural cleaning alternatives. Most cleaners today are chemical-filled and petroleum-based that just simply are not good for the environment or humans. This is true of floor cleaners as well. With two little people in the home a lot of messes are made here. We were thrilled to find a natural floor cleaner and one that works. The Method floor cleaner is great for sticky messes and putting non slippery shine on your floors. The cost is not bad and pretty comparable to it's non-natural counterparts. The scent is mild and pleasant. We have had great success with this product in our home. If your family is looking for safer alternatives for cleaning I would recommend trying out this Method floor cleaner. I do not think you will be disappointed.

A Splash of Rubbing Alcohol (optional) I use an old Method wood floor cleaner bottle because I love how it easily squirts the cleaner on the floor. Just add a few TBS of vinegar and 10 or so drops of essential oil. I have been using sweet orange oil. Smells so good! You can definitely leave the oil out, I just like it because it smells fresh. If you add a bit of rubbing alcohol, it will help the cleaner dry faster. Fill with water, shake and you are done! I squirt a little on the floor and mop up with a damp wood floor mop.

Method Wood Floor Cleaner, Almond - 25 oz

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Method Wood Floor Cleaner 739ml

I take all cleaning supply instructions from my cleaning lady. She first brought us this Method Floor cleaner and it wasnt until we ran out and started using Murphys again that I truly appreciated how amazing this product is! The shine, cleanliness and smell this brings to your home will be a welcome change from all the heavy chemical supplies out there. Sadly I cant find in stock here in Boston so I need Amazon to get our home's dose. (Posted on 1/27/13)

I have moved and tried this in both of my houses, and used it in a couple of my friends' houses, and it worked great for me everywhere... except in my current house. Generally I just squirt and mop with a microfiber dust mop, but in my current house, there were terrible streaks for the first time ever. This one time, I had to break down and clean my floors using vinegar and hot water to remove the entire residue (not sure what the previous owners used on those floors), and after that, the Method wood floor cleaner worked well for me.

Moral to the story: It is possible this cleaner will react with a *different* previous floor cleaner to streak like no other.

My more regular experience is squirt, mop in long strokes with a microfiber mop, enjoy the almond scent (which dissipates in 30 minutes or so), and enjoy the shine. Occasionally, depending on what kind of crud was on the floor to begin with, I had to mop twice to get all the streaks up. This is more due to my cats occasionally puking on the floor and it being hard to tell if I got it all on the first try (wood grain can hide that a bit) than due to a problem with this cleaner.

I have tried several wood floor cleaners, and in my experience, this one has worked out best for me in terms of price and effectiveness. (Posted on 6/16/13)