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Name: Method Laundry Detergent in Peony Blossom
Price: $15 for 50 loads, $8 for 25
Rating: Recommend

Now I am a Mum of 2 I have been trying to reduce the number of chemicals I use in the house so have become a big fan of Method products as they use plant based cleaning technology so no nasty chemicals and much kinder on the environment, which after all will also affect our children and future generations growing up.

Method Laundry Detergent Peony Blossom comes in a 300ml pump dispenser bottle and is concentrated so you use less which again means less packaging, less waste etc. The pump is sealed in cellophane and you twist it up to open and then allow 4 pumps per wash. We live in a very hard water area so I use the around 5/6 pumps per wash. Using 4 pumps per wash the bottle should give you 25 washes which at £6.00 per bottle averages at 24 pence per wash. Quite often this priduct is on offer and you can also get a large pouch refill for it which helps with cost saving and the bottle can be refilled which again helps with it's green credentials.

Method boasts of using Smartclean plant based technology to target stains and give excellent cleaning. The product is 95% plant based and is biodegradable so much kinder on you and the environment.

I have been using this detergent on and off for a while now now and have been impressed with its cleaning power and the lovely fresh, not overpowering scent it leaves on the clothes. Having two children under 6 my detergent needs to be good to get their clothes clean and this detergent does just that.

I would recommend this product to anyone wanting an effective laundry detergent which is kind to you and the environment.

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