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Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash Cleaning Detergent ConcentrateRemoves stains and restores the cleaning properties of microfiber with every washKeep your microfiber towels at the peek of softness and performanceHospital grade super concentrated detergent cleans, restores and maintains microfiberRegular washing with powder detergents or retail washing detergent is harmful to the microfiber; may destroy the absorbency of towelsRemoves lingering bacteria and oils that may otherwise not be removed-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Product Description Chemical Guys MicrofiberWash+ Cleaning Detergent Concentrate is for microfiber towels and accessories. Regular washing with powder detergents or retail washing detergent is harmful to the microfiber. Many strong retail detergents will destroy the absorbency of towels. MicrofiberWash+ is engineered for microfiber. Simply add 4-5 capfuls of MicrofiberWash+ to your wash to clean, restore and maintain microfiber time after time. MicrofiberWash+ not only leaves your towels clean but removes lingering bacteria and oils that may otherwise not be removed. Wax, polish, compound and most chemical build-up compromise the cleaning ability of microfiber as well as dramatically reduce the cleaning, buffing or polishing efficiency of the microfiber. Using inferior towel washes or household detergents leads to rapid discoloration, deterioration...

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How To Use:
For a small load, add 1oz. (approximately 4-5 capfuls) to your wash. For a full load, add 2oz. (approximately 8-10 capfuls) to your wash. For heavily soiled items, pre-soak with 2oz. in 5 gallon bucket filled with warm water and let soak. Once soiled towels have soaked, place in washing machine for a regular cycle with Microfiber Wash.

Wash microfiber goods with warm wash water. Dry microfiber goods with low to medium dryer heat. Excessive dryer heat can permanently cook microfiber, rendering it hard and liable to scratch sensitive automotive surfaces like paint.

MicroFiber cleaning Detergent Concentrate

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Ca un pasionat de ingrijirea masinii niciodata nu poti avea prea multe prosoape din microfibra, deoarece aceastea joaca un rol important in aproape fiecare proces de detailing. Cu toate acestea prosoapele de microfibra de calitate buna sunt scumpe si trebuie avut grija de ele in mod corespunzator.
Spre deosebire de detergentii pe baza de pulbere, Nanolex Microfiber Wash detergent lichid se dizolva complet si nu lasa cristale de sapun inatrite in prosoape. Nu contine inalbitor, balsam sau agenti de inmuiere care sa duca la distrugerea structurii materialelor de microfibra. Este potrivit pentru: bureti de microfibra, paduri de microfibra, prosoape de uscare, manusi de microfibra, aplicatoare de microfibra, microfibra Suede, etc pentru a proteja structura si functionalitatea microfibrei.
Structura speciala, fara parfum si inalbitor, asigura o indepartare riguroasa a reziduurilor atat de delicat fara sa distruga proprietatile microfibrei.

Se recomanda sa folositi 50ml detergent Nanolex Microfiber Wash pana la 10kg microfibre.
A fost dezvoltat, testat si produs in Germania.

Mod de prezentare: 1 bucata 750ml, ambalaj original.