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Puracy Natural All Purpose Cleaner, THE BEST Household Multi Surface Spray, Streak Free on Glass and Stainless Steel, Child and Pet Safe, Green Tea and Lime, 25 Ounce Bottle, (Pack of 2)


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Traditional store-bought bathroom cleaners are composed of harsh chemicals. These chemicals are effective for working out stains and removing mold quickly, but their strength can pose a threat if consumed. The fumes created by using these bathroom cleaners are also dangerous. All-natural bathroom cleaners are available at stores, but they can be difficult to find and tend to be expensive. It is possible to create natural bathroom cleaner using non-toxic household ingredients. Use these steps for various homemade bathroom cleaner recipes.

Add to Water: For washing floors, walls, and other surfaces, dilute 1 tablespoon of Fresh Natural Bathroom Cleaner per gallon of warm water. Mop or sponge on. Wipe dry.

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Get Guest Ready with 10 DIY Natural Bathroom Cleaners

All-Natural Bathroom Disinfectant Cleaner costs less per use than many store-bought products, and does not contain harsh chemicals or artificial fragrance.

Use Full Strength: Apply Fresh Natural Bathroom Cleaner directly to damp sponge, cloth, or scrub brush to clean toilets and bathroom fixtures, surfaces with mold or mildew, or heavily soiled areas.