Homemade all natural carpet cleaning solution :)

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So, did this all-natural homemade carpet cleaner get out all evidence of the puke and poop stains in our house? Not every last bit. In the right light, you can still see a shadow of the stain. But, I would say this carpet cleaner got the poop and the puke stains out from both locations in our house as well as I could hope for. They are 90-95% gone and hard to see unless you look closely. I’m satisfied with that, since it didn’t add harsh toxic fumes to our house. I suspect I would have had the same result with store-bought, chemical-laden carpet stain remover anyway, as I know from prior experience.

We ran across and discovered how to make our own non-toxic, all-natural carpet cleaner. Before I worked on my son’s poop stain, I decided to really test this all-natural carpet cleaner recipe. We had a 7-month-old puke stain from my 3-year-old in the play room. Yuck! I gave it a try, but my expectations were low.

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The Usual Precautions
  • Always keep carpet cleaning solutions out of the reach of children and pets, including your own natural carpet cleaning mixtures.

  • When treating stains or using carpet freshener, make sure to keep children and pets off the carpet until you are certain you have thoroughly vacuumed.

  • Label and store your natural carpet cleaning mixtures as carefully as you would any other cleaning products. Although they are made from safe ingredients, they should be treated with caution.

  • Follow manufacturer's directions first for both wool and synthetic carpets. Always test your mixture on small, hidden areas of your carpets to be certain there won’t be any damage or discoloration.

DIY Natural Carpet Cleaner | The Pinterest Project

With Spring just around the corner its time to start planning your spring cleaning! This DIY Natural Carpet Cleaner is perfect for cleaning, deodorizing and ma king your carpets fresh again. With 4 simple ingredients this recipe is easy and quick to make. All you Need is baking soda, salt, Young Living lemon essential oil and Young Living purification essential oil. Happy Cleaning! Don't forget to share if you enjoyed this post!

Last little perk, this all-natural carpet cleaner kills any germs left on your carpet due to the poop or puke! The vinegar and borax both have bacteria-killing power.