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I went to Disney over the Summer for 10 entire days . Unfortunately I did not wear sun screen .... When I returned from the trip my face was 5 shades darker than the rest of my body and looked harsh and weathered . In my frustration I decided to purchase the Piona Strong bleaching cream .So its been 2 weeks and I am posting the results and progress .I plan to stop when I am completely toned

Piona Strong Bleaching Cream provides to remove black spots and uneven blemishes. It progressively clears your skin
leaving it with an even complexion. 1ozBest results when used with other Piona products.

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  • Piona Strong Bleaching Cream 4oz
  • Piona skin bleaching cream is a very strong whitening cream

    Piona Strong Bleaching Cream is a strong and effective lightening cream that works to diminish scars from acne, remove dark spots and even out the skin’s tone. It works fairly quickly to brighten and clear the skin, leaving you with a radiant complexion. It’s a 4 ounce jar and can be found online. For best results use daily, both morning an at night. Suggested to use in coordination with other Piona products.

    Piona Strong Bleaching Cream really works and it works fast. It effectively evens out and brightens the skin's tone and within a week, It gives great results. Old acne scars start to significantly fade and the skin is left absolutely glowing.