Planet All Purpose Spray Cleaner

Planet All Purpose Spray Cleaner - 22 oz - 2 pk


New Year, New Special on Planet All Purpose Cleaner, 22 Oz

Safe cleaning products for a Blanco granite sink are any non-abrasive cleaners, which include the Blanco Composite sink and surface cleaner, Earth Friendly products non-abrasive cleaner and Planet All Purpose Spray cleaner. Any cleaner that is non-abrasive can be used to clean the sink without damaging it, according to Blanco.

Planet All Purpose Spray cleaner is certified by Scientific Certification Systems as 100 percent biodegradable in addition to it being non-abrasive. The product is made to be safe for most surfaces and will not harm a Blanco granite sink.

planet all purpose cleaner, 22 oz for $5.64 from Planet

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Planet All Purpose Spray Cleaner is a powerful all purpose cleaner that is tough on stains and grime, but is non-fuming and unscented, so no more worries about headaches, irritated noses or throats, or other allergic reactions. Safe to use on most household surfaces and excellent for many outdoor surfaces as well. Contains no abrasive ingredients, so it will not scratch polished surfaces. This product is not recommended for wood surfaces. Our Free & Clear formula does not contain any added fragrances, dyes, enzymes or synthetic preservatives.