Secret opening Polish wooden box

Real wood / Wooden Jewelry Box Case SI-JC866


Polished Wooden Jewellery Box for 50 Rings

These stainless steel flasks make great gifts! Comes with FREE custom engraving - choose any one of our templates on the last image of this listing. After purchase, simply send us a message that includes your design choice, and text for engraving. The flask is constructed from sturdy, food-grade stainless steel, powder coated black, and then engraved with your choice of design and text. These make great groomsmen gifts! Set comes with engraved flask, 4 mini shot cups, and funnel set in a polished wood gift box. Leather wrapped flasks also available, as well as with other gift box options - see our other listings! ***PLEASE NOTE: You must send us a message or email after purchasing with your custom text and font choice. If you do not specify a font choice, the font used in the main picture of the listing will be used. If you do not specify any info, the flask will be sent blank.

Wooden Boxes Wooden boxes, plain or richly decorated, are miniature samples of trunks and crates that were traditionally part of the bride trousseau. The Polish hand carved wood box have been made in the Tatra mountains of Poland for over a millennium. These wooden keepsake boxes were presented in the past as exclusive gifts to royal families throughout Europe and used to keep treasured possessions. The Polish keepsake wooden boxes are made out of seasoned linden wood. They are decorated using traditional wood working techniques of hand carving, brass and copper inlay, and branding, employed in a unique Polish way that creates keepsake boxes with a quintessential Polish look that is loved by all and eagerly sought after. The decorated wooden boxes are stained in a range of natural colors and sealed with a lacquer guaranteeing their durability. The wooden carved boxes are adorned with designs based on plants the natural world around us and a range of geometric shapes. Beloved by all for their earthiness, natural material, and colorfulness the Polish wooden boxes are being put to wide uses as varied as the imagination of the owner. They are oftentimes referred to as treasure boxes, jewelry boxes, or wooden gift boxes. Wooden boxes are functional objects that can store family heirloom, jewelry as well as become a box present inserted into them.

Handmade Polish wooden box with four acorns

  • Square handmade Polish wooden boxes
  • Square Polish handmade wooden Box with Pinecone

    A round red oak stained hand made traditional Polish wooden box, with a glorious, intricately branded pinecone. The box is stained deep red oak. The lid is stained in golden oak stain. Against the light color, the dark pinecone is branded. The box rim is stained red oak enhanced with golden brass inlay, and decorated with branded circles. Beautiful contrasts, natural theme, and such elegant box.

    A small rectangle traditional Polish wooden box, with acorns design. An adorable, small rectangle box stained in red oak stain on all side. The top is stained light oak, against this light background are four intricately branded acorns. The top is divided into 4 sections, and brdered in red oak stain. Natural theme, beautiful contrast between the dark branded oak and the light background. So cute.