50-lb. Powdered Chlorine Bleach

Clorox 2 03098 Stain Fighter and Color Booster Powder, 49.2 oz. (Case of 4)WasUltra Clorox 2 03098 49.2-Ounce Regular Dry Bleach (Case of 4)


Crown Chemical Powdered Chlorine Bleach

If you're not comfortable using a chlorine-based powdered bleach, many manufacturers offer chlorine-free alternatives. Mainly used for laundry, these products do not have the same disinfecting power for sanitizing and disinfecting inside the home as chlorine mixtures. You might prefer using liquid chlorine bleach in place of powdered chlorine bleach when you need to safely disinfect, as it's safer and easier to store and costs less to buy.

Bleach Powder---WELSON CHLOR Powdered Organic Chlorine Bleach powder PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Welson Chlor is stable, free-flowing power carefully formulated from or...

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  • Product SKU: VEN2979646
  • Powdered chlorine bleach removes stains and brightens whites.
  • Designed for coin vending machines.
  • For laundromats and guest amenities in hotels and extended stay facilities.

Powdered Chlorine Bleach for Coin Vending Machines, 2 oz Packets

SHIN CHLORINE is white powdered chlorine bleach for safe but excellent bleaching and disinfecting of linen, which can be found in hospital and institutional work.