Disadvantages of power bleaching include:

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Power Bleach - High Concentration Industrial Liquid

Gum damage can be a feature of power bleaching, but can be avoided largely by good isolation by the dentist (using the rubber dam or tissue dam). It is difficult to avoid gum irritation completely.

Hydrogen peroxide is more widely used as the power bleaching agent, but the concentration will vary from dentist to dentist, and the times used for the bleaching will vary as well.

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For more information on various bleaching techniques for teeth, including home bleaching, assisted bleaching, power bleaching, the thermocatalytic technique and the walking bleach technique, see Teeth Whitening.

Power of Bleach - Sick Science! #180

The safety of the bleach used in power bleaching has been shown to have no proven adverse effects on the or , that is, it is perfectly safe for your teeth.

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