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We have to admit that,until recently, we never bothered with sonic cleaners. Tumblers cleaned up ourbrass just fine. Of course, if we put de-capped cases in a tumbler, there wasalways the problem of picking out pieces of tumbling media from the primerpocket hole. If we used brass that was not de-capped, we had to use a primerpocket cleaning tool on the pocket after decapping. Either way, there was a lotof additional time spent in cleaning out the primer pockets prior to seatingthe new primer.

I thought you might be interested in seeing an old primer pocket cleaning tool that your company made back on the '50's or 60's. I purchased this tool years ago off ebay and I came across it recently when I was straightening out my tool boxes.

RCBS Primer Pocket Brush - MidwayUSA

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    This was received in a huge lot of firearm and reloading related. use was. I now think it's a primer pocket cleaner tool. Whether it's. bend to give some spring action when tightening the wingnut. fac...
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    I deprime and use an ultra sonic cleaner--- some do come out clean, however most do not so I have to use a primer pocket cleaner tool anyway. I run mine for a couple cycles, sometimes three if the pockets aren't clean. My cleaner is also heated, a few friends have the ones that are not heated and don't get as clean. I don't know if thats why yours are not clean, just wondering?

    Clean primer pockets allow for deliberate case to case uniformity. Isn’t that what handloading is all about? My most recent press is the Lee Classic Turret Press. I went nuts with it at first loading handgun cartridges. I then tried it on rifle cases and compared bullet seating uniformity between it
    and my Forster Co-Ax Press……no difference. Checked rounds with Hornady’s concentricity gauge.
    Had good results with both. This press is unique in that it allows the user to interrupt the process at any point. I chose to do this after size and decap and the primer is in the seating tool. I lower the ram to just short of the priming operation, remove the case and clean the primer pocket. After doing this for a time, I realized that it would speed things up if the primer pocket cleaning tool were mounted to the press near the ram. I made a small mount from a piece of steel tubing with an ID just
    larger than the diameter of the upright columns. I cut out a piece of the tubing so it will just slip
    over the column. This piece is about 1.5″ long. A hose clamp will slip over the top and hold the piece to the left column. On the lower portion of the tube, I made cuts so as to facilitate a 1/2″ tab
    to be bent out about 30 deg. I drilled and tapped this tab to accept the primer pocket cleaning
    tool that normally screws into the hand held handle from Redding. Now cleaning the primer pockets has been easily integrated into the operation for each case. I also taped a 35mm film
    can to the column just below the cleaner to catch the abrasive crud that falls from the pockets
    as they are being cleaned.