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Pink Privates anal Bleaching Cream does result in lighter colored intimate areas. As long as it is applied properly and regularly, you can expect visible results in eight weeks. It is perfect for our most sensitive parts and most intimate areas because of its gentle formulation and natural ingredients.

You can buy Pink Privates bleaching cream through online stores and at your local pharmacy or cosmetic stores. Very accessible and very safe.

Refectocil Hair Dye Bleaching Paste : Regular Price: $ 11.00

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Pink Privates bleach is packaged in an air tight pump bottle at 1oz. The pump makes it easier to use and lessen the chance of contamination. Personally, when l use those creams bottled in jars, I scoop the contents using my fingers. I know it is not a hygienic way to do it, but using a scoop means having to look for one that would fit the jar and it’s just too much work. So I for one appreciate the fact that they used a pump bottle. Very easy to use and keep safe from contamination.