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I take Sunday, as hunting on Sunday is illegal in Maryland, to regroup and reorganize. First things first, I’m washing my hunting clothes. I have been in a camper, hotel rooms and a tent for the past month. Luckily, I have the setup to keep my gear deodorized, but it’s time for a wash. Take the time to get it done and be sure to use a good quality, non-scented, UV killing laundry detergent. I use Dead Down Wind or Scent Blocker laundry detergent and both seem to work well.

Sound and scent discipline are needed in both methods of hunting, but one method requires more than the other. Since archery hunting requires the hunter to be a lot closer to the animal to take it down, it also requires a lot more scent and sound discipline. Animals have a very keen sense of smell and can smell things out of the ordinary from long distances. One way many archers defeat the whole smell thing is they wash their clothes in a scent blocker laundry detergent and then put their clothes in a sealed bag until…...

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    Now that you are all cleaned up it doesn't make sense to climbinto contaminated camo, or something washed in detergents loaded withperfumes and UV brighteners. Scent-Lok provides Premium Clothing Wash;Cover Up Laundry Detergent; H.S. Scents Scent-A-Way Laundry Detergentand Carbo Clean; ARC Xtreme Laundry Detergent; Code Blue Clothing Wash;Nature's Essence Natural Wash; Asko/Sno-Seal Sports-Wash; WildlifeResearch Scent Killer Liquid Clothing Wash; Robinson Outdoor'sScent Blocker Laundry Detergent; Ambush Sportsman's Clothes Wash;D-Scent Clothes Wash; Pete Rickard's B.O. Buster and Odor Buster;and Buck Stop Scent Stop Scent Eliminator Laundry Soap, to name but afew.

    ScentBlocker Laundry Detergent for Trinity Clothing was formulated to clean the fabric, remove any exterior odors, and rinse completely free with no residue. Some laundry detergents may leave a residue that clogs the pores of adsorbent molecules, prohibiting scent adsorption. With Trinity Laundry Detergent, you can be assured your scent-elimination clothing will deliver the maximum adsorption possible. Completely biodegradable without UV brighteners or phosphorus.