Arm & hammer Scrub Free Bathroom Cleaner Plus Oxi Clean

Scrub Free Soap Scum Cleaner - Lemon - 32 oz - 2 pk


Scrub Free™ Bathroom Cleaner Plus Oxiclean ™ Soap

I really like Arm & Hammer products. I had a coupon so decided to try Arm & Hammer Scrub Free Bathroom Cleaner with Oxy Foaming Action. It was ok but not at the top of my list. I think this is good for light jobs but not the super tough ones. Overall, if you have a lot of soap scum build up or tough stains I would try something else.

I think this would be better to use on a regular basis to prevent soap scum build up. I wouldn't try to use this to remove soap scum that is already fairly heavy. It is not scrub free. To be fair however, most products that say they're scrub free truly aren't to one degree or another. I like that this has Oxy in it because it's a good cleaning agent. I think this is good for light cleaning jobs but it doesn't have the same power as a scrub like Comet, Soft Scrub, or Tilex.

This doesn't have a terrible scent. It smells like most cleaners. It's not as toxic smelling as some bathroom cleansers. I didn't have to open all the windows to use it.

Arm and hammer never ceases to amaze me. They always make great products and this one is so great, helpful, and easy to use. I bought this as a first time customer a couple of months ago just to try something new and to find something better than what I usually use. I seen the arm and hammer scrub free bathroom cleaner with oxy and I was excited to try it and yes it was cheaper than the other products I buy. I have three bathrooms to clean in my house so seeing scrub free on a bottle from a trusted brand made me very happy. It was literally as easy as spraying it on my showers and baths and waiting a little while. I literally watched it foam up and break through some tough soap scum I had, even in between the tiles which is very hard for me to remove. Once time was up, I had to wipe it off and rinse with water and it came off. Completely clean. It also left behind a nice lemon scent instead of a harsh chemical smell. It's great I love it and it's now added as a regular with my other cleaners. I would definitely recommend this.

Wonderful lemon scent

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  • Scrub Free Bathroom Cleaner
  • Scrub Free Clean Shower Spray does the scrubbing for you

    I was expecting this product to do a excellent job with cleaning my bathroom. This product did not deliver the results I was hoping for. I have used this product on my glass shower doors hoping it would remove soap scum but this product didn't help at all. I also tried spraying down my bathroom tiles on the walls in hopes of removing mildew. No luck with eliminating that problem either.

    In my opinion this product is only good for light duty clean up jobs. When u used this product to clean my bathroom sink and toilet it did have the appearance of being clean. I would not recommend this product if you are trying to clean anything that has soap scum, mildew, mold or hard water. Arm & Hammer Scrub Free Bathroom Cleaner with Oxy Foaming Action does not have the cleaning power I thought it would have.

    This is a product I would not use in the future because it does not meet my expectations.

    I'm surprised that with so many reviews it gets such a low number of stars. I think this product is great, especially for maintaining a clean fresh shower. You may have to use a cleaning sponge, but you don't have to scrub too much. I like the amount for the price. I also like the fact that it is not in a can. I don't have any major hard water stains to contend with so I can't advise on that. But I suspect it will still to an above average job. The Arm & Hammer Scrub Free Bathroom Cleaner smells great. The scent is not too strong or overpowering. And a little goes a long way. I've also found that if you spray it on and let is soak for a while, then dirt and grime cleans off easily. The fact that Arm & Hammer products are always of good quality made me purchase this particular cleanser. Also OXY is a good product also and works well weather in laundry on for general purpose cleaning. I love the foaming action and it gets in the cracks and crevaces where the scum and mildew are. Works fine for me.