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SEBO 0472AM 5 Bags Duo-P Cleaning Power Refill Box, 2.5 kg


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Allergy sufferers, and really everyone, should avoid wet carpet cleaning methods because damp carpet can not only be the perfect breeding ground for dust mites, but it can also promote mold growth and the release of mycotoxins. The SEBO Duo Carpet Cleaning System makes it easy for you to give your carpet a deep cleaning without getting it wet! The Duo Brush Machine and Duo-P Cleaning Powder easily lift allergens, soil and stains and leave your carpet clean, revived, soft, and dry.

The attachment is lightweight, easy to operate, and very low cost compared to alternative polishing machines. It features a new floor-pad technology that provides a high-gloss shine to many types of hard floors without the use of water, chemicals or polishing sands. The SEBO DISCO is suitable for use the following vacuum cleaners: SEBO Felix Premium, SEBO Felix Kombi, SEBO K3 canister. The is a great for allergy sufferers with carpeted floors. It deep cleans your carpet and removes stubborn stains .

Moist carpet is an enemy of allergy sufferers. When hot-water carpet shampooers are used to deep clean carpets, the carpet gets wet and stays damp, providing the ideal environment for mold growth and dust mites. The SEBO Duo Carpet Cleaner leaves your carpet clean and dry and it doesn't leave behind any sticky residues. The special contains tiny granules that lift soil, stains, and allergens out of the carpet.

Sebo Vacuums 9401AM Duo Brush Carpet Cleaning Machine

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    Here I test the Sebo dry carpet cleaning system with Sebo's Duo P cleaning powder. Look out for a bit of Shake n Vac action!

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