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Ultra Downy Free and Sensitive Liquid Fabric Softener

I absolutely love the feel of super soft warm clothing straight outcome of a dryer. Downy Ultra Free & Sensitive Liquid Fabric Softener would have to be one of my top picks when it comes to being satisfied with fabric softeners. Whenever I use this product on my laundry I know every single laundry item will come out soft to the touch.

I like to use this product most on my sweaters, pajamas, linens and blankets. I am pleased this product is offered in free and sensitive. For a very long time fabric softeners where only available in different scents and none target sensitive skin consumers.

The price of this product is reasonable and can be found wherever laundry detergent is sold. I use this product as least 3 to 4 times per week. This is a great product and I recommend it is you suffer from sensitive skin or prefer laundry products that are more mild in scent.

I try my hardest to find products that are gentle and natural because my kids have extremely sensitive skin. Unfortunately for the longest time that meant foregoing the soft fluffiness of fabric softener. Until now! Thank goodness for Downy Ultra Free & Sensitive Liquid Fabric Softener. It works wonderfully as a fabric softener but doesn't seem to leave the typical fabric softener residue that is so irritating to my sensitive kiddos. I do have one complaint though, and as a busy mom of three kids who is forced to use a laundromat lately, it's a pretty significant complaint: Downy Ultra Free & Sensitive Liquid Fabric Softener doesn't work in my Downy Ball! The laundromat machines don't have a softener dispenser, leaving me to rely heavily on my Downy Ball. So it's extremely frustrating that Downy Ultra Free & Sensitive Liquid Fabric Softener is so thick I can barely get it into the ball. Then only about half of it comes out during the wash. Then I have to scrape and soak the ball to get the rest out. It's very frustrating and time consuming.

Ultra Downy Free & Sensitive Liquid Fabric Softener, 90 fl oz

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Experience the softness and static control benefits of Ultra Downy without dyes or perfumes. Dermatologist tested for sensitive skin, Ultra Downy Free & Sensitive liquid fabric softener infuses fabrics with wonderful softness, while providing less static and fewer wrinkles, so you can feel more.

I have always used Downy April Fresh Liquid Fabric Softener. Then a couple of years ago, I started itching and getting so uncomfortable when sleeping. I then realized the fabric softener was too blame. I called Tide, and unfortunately they had changed the formula with a different scent. I was allergic to the new scent. So, very skeptically I switched to the Free and Sensitive Fabric Softener. I am so happy that it was as stated. No perfumes or dyes, free and gentle to sensitive skin. My sheets and clothes come out so soft without those strong scents that irritate my skin.

This product really does the job! It softens my clothes, doesn't irritate my skin, and the sheets come out so soft and fluffy. This is a great product for babies and younger children's sensitive gentle skin. No allergens to irritate their tender skin. My itching has stopped, and I am so much more comfortable in my clothes. Thank you Tide for making a product that is sensitive to my skin, yet works great!

I love that there is no scent in this product. No more allergies with a fabric softener! Perfume and dye free.