Septic System Bacteria Treatment

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Bacteria may be aerobic, anaerobic or facultative

Assuming you are not adding anything to your tank, you more than likely already have all the bacteria you need. The waste added daily from your home’s bathroom and showers provides all the nutrition bacteria need to thrive. That said, if your washing machine empties into the tank and you use high quantities of bleach and other harsh chemicals, the number of bacteria may have diminished and a septic bacteria treatment may be beneficial. You should then cut down on the amount of bleach you use.

Most experts advise against septic bacteria treatment because it will often be a waste of money. Most times, if the numbers of live bacteria found in a septic system decrease, it is due to an outside source. Adding yeast or chemicals which aim to unclog or clean the tank, for instance, can actually kill off and contaminate the soil. Sometimes these products may even damage your tank. If you do not fix the problem which depleted the bacterial content in the first place, any flora you add will likely die soon after.

Sepsis (Septicemia) Causes, Symptoms and Prognosis

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Causes of sepsis include pneumonia and urinary tract infection

If you do choose to do a septic bacteria treatment, the main difference between various brands may be the number of live cultures found in the treatment and the type of bacteria each contains. In general, the higher the flora count, the more likely enough bacteria will live to benefit your system. That said, there is very little evidence which suggests that adding additional bacteria to your will have any impact on its function.

You can find which septic bacteria treatment options have yielded the best results or which have the best prices by checking online. Many retailers allow customer reviews of products, so you can get a good idea of the experiences other consumers have had using a particular variety of treatment. Bacterial treatments are only meant to act as a preventative against problems with your system, and should not be used to solve an existing problem. A licensed professional will need to called in the event that your system has a clog or if the drainage field is flooding.