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Bio-Active Septic Tank Treatment, 1 Year Supply


Environmentally Safe and Natural

Concern for the environment has led to the development of our Septic Tank Treatment products. Our mission is to provide the consumer with all natural, non-toxic, and effective bacteria based solutions for their Septic Systems. In so doing, we will conduct business with integrity and respect for our customers and the environment. We design Septic Tank Solutions to solve septic problems NATURALLY. Our septic system products are 100% safe for the environment. Use Green Pig Solutions for those unique problems affecting your home or business.

Each biological solution starts with the basic understanding that the digestion process by all microbes require a food source for the waste digestion, bioaugmentation, or bioremediation process to thrive. Selection of the bacterium species targeted to flourish in the environmental conditions made available is the underlying key to a successful process. Our septic tank treatment products are specifically formulated for septic tanks, cesspool, holding tanks and other similar waste treatment processes.

Septic Tank Treatment & Maintenance Products - Septicleanse

  • For as little as $3 per month, avoid septic problems associated with a lack of maintenance.
  • Choose a supply that fits your budget!
  • Our septic tank product(s) has been independently tested by a leading University's Bio-Chemistry department proving the superior effectiveness of REX-BAC-T against many competitive products!
  • Our industrial strength septic tank treatment Bio-Paks are conveniently packaged for easy storage and handling. Simply grab and toss... no dilution, measuring, mixing, special equipment or cleanup!
  • Our biodegradable, rapidly dissolving (water-soluble) packets and unique micronutrient enriched formula provides accelerated germination, growth, and superior enzyme production in the septic tank while eliminating odor and reducing ammonia concentrations in your septic system.
  • Our industrial strength septic tank treatment Economy Paks provides our customers the same industrial strength formula at a discounted price!
  • Scientifically selected bacteria that provide outstanding performance in your septic tank that thrives in an aerobic (with oxygen) and anaerobic (without oxygen) environment! Our BioMat-X – Ultimate Septic and Leachfield Cleaner is formulated for slow or failing systems. BioMat-X Industrial Strength Septic Product is absolutely the most cost-effective highly-concentrated septic tank treatment product on the market today. With more than 15 Trillion bacteria per gallon our BioMat-X restores clogged septic systems and leachfields. No other product compares!
  • Guaranteed to work!

Maintaining Your Septic System—A Guide For Homeowners

-Septic tanks are generally placed under the garden area of a house. All the waste materials from the kitchen, toilet and other parts of the house get collected here in the septic tank. There are generally three layers present in the septic tank. All the heavy waste materials go and deposit at the bottom part of the septic tank. It takes almost a year to fill up the garbage at the bottom part and then you need to clean it one fine morning. The reason behind its cleaning is that the garbage deposits get deposited one layer over another layer and eventually it blocks the next upper layers of the septic tank.

This Layer Should Be Treated Carefully

In the middle part, there is grey coloured water like thing that flows through the drain and goes into the field and works as a fertilizer of the land. This is the permeable thing that comes out of the septic tank. But after months of deposition the bottom layer comes up and blocks the opening of the septic tank and thus doesn’t let the water to go beyond the opening. This is the time you need to clean the septic tank and to clean it you can use some chemicals that are available in market.

Keep The Third Layer Clean

The third layer is the uppermost part of the septic tank. All the foams, soap bubbles, oil sediments float at this part and this is the most troublesome part as these are the reasons of the septic tank clogging. There are some natural bacteria available within the septic tank and they usually keep the tank clean as they break the food particles into small and permeable shape. But the oil and soap foams clog the upper part of the tank and thus these bacteria cannot work properly. There are several Septic Tank Treatment products available in market.

Find The Best Products Online

You need to buy the best product from online shops. You need to search internet and read the reviews of the products. You will see people talking about their favourite products. Once you are sure about the product that suits your requirement, you should go ahead and grab it. read the reviews and choose the best product for your use, but remember one thing, the product should be environment friendly as the water comes out under the garden area and if the product is harsh enough, it can affect you and your family!

Our environmentally safe, 100% natural, high quality septic products quickly go to work to rapidly digest complex organic waste and compounds providing for the fastest action available in a bacterial septic treatment product today. Our biological solutions are facilitating the general trend toward “green” or “natural solutions” for managing septic systems, cesspools, and other bioactive waste degradation processes. Our specifically selected microbe strains are the strongest and most effective species for ensuring the complete digestion of grease, fats and oils (FOG), sludge, paper, and other organic materials that are discharged into today’s septic systems, cesspools and leach lines.