The Rodial skin bleach KIT Contains:

Sally Hansen Extra Strength Creme Bleach, Complete Kit


Product - Jerome Russell Punky Bleach Kit, 40 Volume

In the meantime, Banks is still being controversial on Facebook by selling skin bleaching kits. Although she titled it she stated on Facebook the name was just a joke, and she commonly uses the products on her bikini line, to get rid of hyper-pigmentation, and dark under arm pits.

The Rodial skin bleach KIT combines three full sized products for a concentrated and highly effective skin brightening regime to restore a youthful even toned glow. Rodial’s skin bleach kit is ideal for all ages, all skin types and all ethnicities. Not only can this kit be used on the face it can treated specific areas such as your body and hands! As always Rodial has chosen a very hard-hitting name however don’t be put off the range is fabulous!

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