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Snuggle is the brand name of a fabric softener sold by Sun Products in the United States and Canada. It features as its mascot, a teddy bear, named Snuggle the Fabric Softener Bear or "The Snuggle Bear",

I haven't seen the Snuggle commercials for quite some time, but I used to love the cute Snuggle Bear cartoon character that was featured in many of the Snuggle Fabric Softener commercials.

They were so cute! A little cream colored teddy bear would float down from a bedroom ceiling, using a Snuggle Dryer Sheet as a parachute. He'd say, "Wheeee, it's me Snuggle. Here to tell you about Snuggle Dryer Sheets".

When I saw a promotion to get the Snuggle Bear stuffed teddy bear for free, with proof of purchase seals from the dryer sheet boxes, I jumped at the chance. It was one of my daughters favorite stuffed animals (and she had many!), and she took Snuggle to bed with her every night.


Made by the famous toy maker Gund, this Snuggle bear is just over a foot high, and looks exactly like the bear featured in the commercials. He is made out of a faux sheepskin type of nubby fabric, and the inside of his ears, his paws and bottoms of his feet are a little darker tan color.

Snuggle has two dark brown eyes, a black triangular shaped nose, and his mouth is open, with his tongue showing - it looks almost like he is talking to you. I don't know how they did it, but the expression on his face is so welcoming and inviting, you just want to cuddle him.

His legs and arms aren't hinged, but they do have seams at the joints, which allows Snuggle to sit upright on his own. His arms are almost spread apart as if he is waiting for a child's hug!

Snuggle is machine washable, and our Snuggle Bear has been in the wash a few times over the years. Unlike some stuffed animals that can be a bit hard and stiff, this one is very soft, pliable and well, snuggly.


This stuffed Snuggle bear has been around our home for many years. When my daughter out grew it, my daycare children adopted it. I still have it in my stuffed animal bin in my toy room, and the younger kids (age 5) still play with Snuggle.

I'm sure that children old enough to remember seeing the commercials might be a bit more enamored by Snuggle Bear, but he's still a stuffed animal that all kids, both boys and girls, have had fun with over the years.

This Snuggle Bear is still available occasionally by special promotion of the Unilever company. The Snuggle Fabric Softener was introduced in 1983, and our daughter was born in 1982. I believe we've had our Snuggle Fabric Softener Bear since 1987. They can still be purchased on ebay and similar places online. If you have a chance to get a Snuggle Bear, your child will love you for it!

Snuggle Fabric Softener Bear | eBay

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Snuggle is the brand name of a sold by in the and . It features as its , a , named Snuggle the Fabric Softener Bear or "The Snuggle Bear", previously voiced by and originally voiced by . The product is available in sheets or liquid (in concentrate and non-concentrate forms).

: The Unilever corporation sued 3DO Entertainment to pull their TV commercials for BattleTanx and BattleTanx: Global Assault. In 1999, a federal court found that the "Treddy Bear" used in the commercials resembles the Snuggle fabric softener bear. Reportedly, Unilever said that they didn't want their teddy bear trademark associated with "kidnapping children, cities destroyed, and violence abound." The TV commercial for the original BattleTanx showed a tank running down a bear who resembled Snuggles the Bear.