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Ink and Stain Remover


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The Stain Removal Kit has a NEW & IMPROVED FORUMULATIONS, imported from established & Market Leading US Manufacturers, filled in Australia.

“Nothing seems to attract dirt and stains quite like the color white-the exact one most brides wear on their wedding days…we feature a terrific stain remover kit made by Madame Paulette that you can use to treat spots on the spot.”
— Martha Stewart Weddings

Fabric Stain Removal Kit - Furniture Clinic


The Stain kit was developed with the upscale traveler, hotel guest and bride in mind. Your business suit, casual attire, evening wear or bridal gown has been soiled and there is no time or place for your garment to be cleaned. With the Stain Removal Kit on hand, Madame Paulette’s expertise is always available.

The Upholstery Stain Removal Kit was developed by Crypton to remove almost any stain from any water-cleanable fabric, this includes most lift chair, couch, and recliner upholstery. It even works well getting stains out of water-cleanable bed sheets and pillow cases! The Upholstery Stain Removal Kit includes: