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There are several skin whitening creams available in the market as well as online. These products help you get rid of various problems like freckles, hyper pigmentation, age spots, dark spots, etc. Everyday you would see a new brand coming up in the market. One among these is the Stillman Bleach Cream.

Amin, the Devon Avenue store owner, said he bought the Stillman bleach cream from Detroit-based B.M. Trading. That firm's owner, Malik Younis, would not say where he bought the product.

Stillman Green Skin Care Cream 150 Grams

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    It is the new addition to the list of all cosmetic products. This company has been popular worldwide for its bleaching creams for over 100 years or more. This is an effective fairness cream. It needs to be applied at night. Make sure that you do not rub it you just need to pat this cream on the surface. Then wash this off in the morning. You must use the Stillman Bleach Cream till the time you do not see the desired results. It may take up to 6 weeks for the results to appear. The total time depends on the type of skin that you have.

    This cream is for external use only and it must be kept in a cool & dry place. The weight of this cream is 28 gms and it is available at £ 3.49. You must be careful that you stay away from the limitations. The original Stillman Bleach Cream as it has an authentic hologram that is the registered trademark. You may order it from the official website of the company.