Stoner Invisible Glass Clean & Repel

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Home Stoner Glass Cleaner - 19 oz.

Stoner Invisible Glass Clean & Repel has a built-in polymer glass protectant that fills in microscopic grooves and valleys. Water and oil roll off the smooth glass. The coating even repels dirt to keep the glass looking cleaner longer. Invisible Glass Clean & Repel is recommended for exterior glass.

Clean and clear glass may be the most important aspect of detailing a car. Forgetting all aesthetic reasons, if your glass is foggy, waterspotted, or simply not sealed against the elements, you are putting both yourself and your passengers in danger. Stoner Invisible Glass Clean & Repel safeguards your trip by sealing your glass. This creates a high surface tension that makes water roll right off, rather than sticking and impairing your vision.

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Stoner Invisible Glass Cleaner
September 6, 2014
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Stoner Glass Cleaner Remover Review

Stoner Invisible Glass Clean & Repel brings together the two most important steps in glass detailing – cleaning and protecting. The superior cleaning leaves behind a crystal clear finish, while the built-in repellent leaves behind a layer of protection against rain, water, snow, and sleet. Instead of using three different products for the best glass finish, use Stoner Invisible Glass Clean & Repel for both cleaning and protection!

Regardless of which part of the country you live in, there will always been rain. Of course, there are varying degrees of rain, but rain nonetheless. We’ve always believed that every windshield should be coated with some product that causes water repellency, to help the driver while stuck in rainy weather. It’s just safer! Luckily, Stoner Invisible Glass Cleaner with Rain Repellent is an easy to use product that will help you get clear glass AND superior water repellency.