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Varathane 1 qt. 3X Sun Bleached Premium Wood Stain (2-Pack) is a premium, high performance stain that requires only 1 coat. Guarantees beautiful results 3X faster than traditional wood stains. Easily brushes on without the use of a pre-stain or wood conditioner.

they talk about sun bleached skin in an episode of spongebob. his skin gets sun bleached from staying under the tanning machine way too long. however, i was wondering if this was actually possible in real life, getting sun bleached skin?

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  • After SpongeBob is sun bleached, his voice becomes dry and hoarse, but during the scene where he is covered in mud and throughout the rest of the episode, his voice is normal again.
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    “Sun Bleached” is a pale banana cream pie colored creme polish! This shade is so cute and sweet and the name is great too. It’s a typical yellow polish with streakiness on the first 2 coats but it evens out well with the third.

    Since the late 1990s, hairstyling companies have branded their own , and to achieve the "surfer look". Hair gel companies began manufacturing stronger holding hair products and adverts began to feature more extreme styles with the tagline "Get surfer hair" to sell the product. Many exhibiting the style today use artificial bleach on their hair rather than letting the sun bleach it naturally and maintain a more refined appearance. The surfer style is often associated with a or "pretty boy" male image. Numerous media have capitalized upon this image and surfing culture, from American shows such as , and teen-oriented films, to a number of Australian soaps, such as . One actor in Hollywood who is particularly known for his surfer image and hair is , who even played the lead role in a 2008 film named . With women, "sun streaked surfer hair" has been referred to in fashion magazines such as as a desirable look. In , the frazzled, knotted, sun-bleached hair is also considered a desirable trait amongst many female surfers.