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m7 QB-0808M Air Surface Cleaning Tool Set, 9-Piece


Iron Rod Groove Surface Cleaning Tool Sharpener - 4 Colors | eBay

The Hydro-Force SX-15 Hard Surface Cleaning Tool features a 15” cleaning path that’s 25% larger than standard hard surface tools, boosting your productivity so you can clean more surface with every stroke. The low-profile design lets the SX-15 fit under toe kicks too.

The SX 15 Hard Surface Cleaning Tool is designed for professional cleaners. The SX 15 makes any hard surface job a breeze. Hydroforce's Unique airflow system improves water recovery and is compatible with portables or truck mounts.

12" Turbo Hybrid Tile & Hard Surface Cleaning Tool

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    During use of such surface cleaning tools, it can be important for the blade to remain in a taut or tensed condition so that the blade leaves the surface free of streaks. It can also be important to ensure that the blade does not wander or move within the channel. If the blade were to move within the channel during use, the exposed edges of the channel can be exposed to and damage or scratch the surface being cleaned and/or surfaces adjacent to the surface being cleaned (e.g. window sills).
  • Gekko SX-7 Hard Surface Cleaning Tool **FREE SHIPPING** | eBay

    3. Surface Preparation Power Tools and Media
    3.1 SURFACE CLEANING POWER TOOLS: Any tool on which the media described in Section 3.3 can be properly mounted and used to produce the required surface profile is acceptable. These tools may or may not alter or destroy the existing surface profile.

    Stainless Steel Iron Rod Groove Surface Cleaning Tool Sharpener – 4 Colors Specification:
    Color: Silver, Blue, Gold, Red
    Material: Stainless Steel Aluminum
    Size: Approx. 112x12x22mm/ 4.41×0.47×0.87" Features:
    Aluminum body, hardened tool steel tip, knurled handle for better grip.
    Works on both U-grooves and V-grooves on all irons, wedges and utility clubs.
    You can very easily put a good grinding grooves and clean, and restore the excellent performance of the original club.
    Increase your ability to hit the ball spin, control and accuracy. Package Included:
    Cleaning Tool More Details: