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Swiffer Sweeper Dry Sweeping Cloth Refills (1)


Swiffer Sweep+Trap Floor Cleaner Starter Kit, 9 pc

Sewn from super-soft yet durable microfiber cloth, SWIPES hard floor cleaning pads are hard-working and built to last. Tackle hard floor messes without the hassle of a broom, mop or bucket and forget the waste of disposable pads. When you're done cleaning, just toss them in the wash to use them again. Quick, simple and easy to use - that’s hard floor cleaning with SWIPES.

This swiffer wood floor cleaner is a great floor cleaner because it cleans well and leaves a fresh scent. I used this floor cleaner exclusively on my sealed wood floors for many years before I recently bought the swiffer bissell steam mop. This wood floor cleaner removes dirt and dust and you feel confident that it will not ruin or damage your wood floors. The container easily snaps onto the swiffer wet jet mop and it is ready to use. The spray easily comes out of the mop by using the trigger handle at the top of the mop. The trigger is right where your hand/finger naturally goes and it sprays quickly. When the container is empty, it snaps out pretty easily and I recycle them. They are pretty inexpensive at the big box stores. The scent of the cleaner is really nice and leaves my apartment smelling clean for hours later. I use it weekly and am happy with the results.

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