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As people age, it is not uncommon for teeth to become darker. There are many reasons for this including staining from tobacco, food and coffee as well as changes to the enamel and tooth structure that occur over time. Whatever it is that causes the darkening, many people just want their bright white smile back. Teeth whitening, often called teeth bleaching, can often bring back that whiter smile.

Whitening can be done or professionally by a cosmetic dentist. Of course, teeth bleaching done in the office is going to be much more expensive than doing it at home.

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  • This treatment is much more comfortable than getting porcelain veneers or bonding.
  • It is less expensive than these other treatments.
  • Nothing artificial has to be bonded or attached to your teeth.
  • Bleaching makes your smile permanently whiter.
  • Maintaining maximum whiteness requires only minor touch-up treatments every couple of years.
  • Teeth bleaching usually whitens quite noticeably, and you can control the results by how diligent you are with the treatments.
  • You can continue to whiten as much as you like by purchasing refill kits of the gel.

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Become a new patient of Dr. Larry Klein’s dentist office in St. Petersburg and receive a free at-home teeth bleaching(a $300 value!) as part of your initial exam.

By the home teeth bleaching techniques, there is a chance to cause intense, sharp pains which are named as Zingers. There is no specific reason for the cause of zingers, but many studies states that it’s because of car amide peroxide level in the teeth whitening gel.

Tooth sensitivity is another problem which occurs during this cosmetic procedure. It’s based on the patient’s level of reaction towards whitening bleach. Doctors can suggest applying desensitizing gels before or after the treatment.
Enamel is the most important factor for healthy teeth. By the usage of few of the home made remedies, there are hard chemicals which can affect the enamel of teeth and results to drastic cases of tooth gums.
Many researches also posted that there is very close relation between the whitening bleaches and oral cancer. Over usage of teeth whitening bleach can affect the tongue and thoughts and results to the birth of oral cancer.
Usage of cosmetic process for the whitening teeth is preferable, but it should not lead to over usage which results to unbearable side effects. Before going through any cosmetic dental process, consult the doctor and get clarified with its positive and negative effects and step forward.