Fabric cleaners : Textile Stain Remover 250ml

Scotchgard Oxy Carpet & Fabric Spot & Stain Remover, 26 Fluid Ounce


Stain Removal Guide for Textiles--Quilt History

Directions: Spray Textile Stain Remover directly onto the stain. Leave to work for about 6-8 hours. If after this period of time, the stain is not completely removed repeat the operation. If the product has not been able to clean the fabric, contact our technicians.

Pre-Test: Dampen a white cloth with water only. Rub the fabric lightly in a hidden area to see if color is transferred to the cloth. If color is removed just with water, it is certain that any product will remove color, so in this case do not use the cleaner. If there is no color loss with water, gently shake the bottle, spray Textile Stain Remover in a hidden area, being sure that you are satisfied with the result.

Stain Removal Guidelines for textiles and other items

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Fabric stain remover - Fenice S.p.A.

In the early years, Tenluxe supplied Textile spray cleaning gun and textile stain removal products to the highly developed knitting, dyeing and printing industries in Taiwan at the time. In 1969 Tenluxe purchased sophisticated machinery that was ultimately used to produce Taiwan's first aluminum electric cleaning gun. Our cleaning gun, textile stain removal products including Tenluxe Cleaning Gun series, Cleaning Spray Gun series, ink solvent Naphtha, Inkcleaners, Puff series, Snaxin product series, lubricant and so on.

An effective water-based delicate cleaner for most types of fabric. It cleans colored stains such as wine, fruit juice, tea, oil and coffee. Textile Stain Remover is easy to apply and does not leave residue.