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The Honest Company 11115 Stain Remover - 26 Ounces


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The Honest Company Stain Remover is made in the USA with US and imported materials. It contains no animal by-products and was not tested on animals.

Let’s face it. When you have kids, we find stains and sometimes we just don’t even know what they are or where they come from. Whether it’s a spilled cup, thrown food or mud that was tracked in the house, you’re covered. The Honest Company Stain remover is especially effective at removing stubborn organic stains such as: baby food, blood, chocolate, coffee, grass, jelly and ketchup.

concentrated Stain Remover safely removes the toughest ..

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  • carpet, car seats, or upholstery

    UPC: Get rid of tough stains naturally with The Honest Company Stain Remover. Designed for use on clothing, carpets, upholstery and more, The Honest Company Stain Remover safely removes stains and odors without any harsh chemicals, unpleasant vapors and questionable residues. You will especially love the result when you use The Honest Company Stain Remover on organic stains including baby food, juice, blood, ketchup, chocolate, grass and more. Plus, The Honest Company Stain Remover is environmentally-friendly, color-safe and skin-safe.